About KOCA Dog Rescue

Based in Toronto, Ontario, KOCA Dog Rescue is a nonprofit organization founded in April 2015. We connect rescued dogs in South Korea with new homes in Canada. We focus on bringing dogs that need urgent help, that have not found new homes for a long period of time, and that are on the euthanasia list at local animal shelters in hopes of giving them a second chance to find forever loving homes. We are currently 100% volunteer run.

Business Registration #9261117

Why are we doing this?

Approximately 100,000 dogs enter local shelters in South Korea each year. The actual number of stray dogs is estimated around 200,000. Less than half of the dogs at the shelters reunite with their owners or find new homes. Another half of these lost, abandoned, abused or surrendered dogs lose their lives. Financial struggles of animal shelters with no-kill policies and individuals hoarding too many dogs cause physical and mental health problems of the dogs and the providers due to their poor diet, limited medical care, confined environments, excessive noise, etc.

Our mission is to save as many as we can and give them a chance to be loved unconditionally.