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  • Name: Babe
  • Birthday: 7-year-old
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Terrier mix
  • Weight: N/A
  • Temperament: N/A
  • Housebreaking: N/A
  • Barking: N/A
  • Shedding: N/A
  • Neutered/Spayed: Neutered
  • Date Brought to Canada: N/A
  • Description:

    Babe was rescued from a meat farm. Since birth, he has only known a life of terror. He grew up seeing his friends and family either being killed or sold off.

    Babe is about 7 years old and now lives with a foster family. Even though he has a come a long way, he is still very distrusting of people. With his foster family, it took almost 6 months for him to allow them to pet him. He does not like to cuddle and prefers to lay down on his bed and observe the room.

    He is very feisty when needed. As he is not used to walks, he is very afraid of being on a leash and will try to escape if he can due to bad memories. He would rather be inside where he is familiar with his surroundings and can eat and sleep the day away. He is about 80% housebroken, and will usually go outside or on a piddle pad when inside.

    If you are an extremely experienced pet owner who is willing to put in the time and patience to teach Babe to trust and love again, please fill out an application on our website.

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