Standard Process

  1. Our partner dog rescue organizations in Korea rescue abused, surrendered, abandoned or lost dogs and dogs on the euthanasia list at local animal shelters.
  2. Rescued dogs get fed properly to recuperate, get vet checked, receive medical care (if necessary) and get neutered/spayed.
  3. While being fostered, dogs are monitored for any behavior issue or special needs and are house trained, socializing with other dogs and people.
  4. Korean organizations contact KOCA Dog Rescue with a list of dogs that have not found new homes for a long period of time, KOCA Dog Rescue makes a decision on which dogs to bring to Canada; our decisions depend on availability of our volunteers and foster homes.
  5. Selected dogs come to Canada once or twice each month on average either with a transport volunteer or by cargo.

Prearrranged Adoption

  1. Applicant fills out an application form indicating a specific type of a dog he/she is interested in adopting.
  2. KOCA contacts partner organizations in Korea to see their available dogs.
  3. If there is a match, KOCA requests more information on the dog.
  4. Applicant receives photos and/or videos and details about the dog, makes a decision, signs an adoption agreement and pays the adoption fee before or upon arrival of the dog.
  5. The selected dog comes to Canada either with a transport volunteer or by cargo.

Simple 4 Step Adoption Process

After rescue dogs arrive in Canada

Applicants Organization
1 Send on online application Reviews online applications and contacts the applicants via email
2 Book an appointment to visit the foster care home and meet the dog Confirms appointments and responds to inquiries in preparation for the visit
3 Visit the foster care home, ask questions, see if the dog is what they are looking for,
make a decision
If there are multiple applicants who wish to adopt,
usually the adoption is a first come basis
4 Upon agreement of both parties, the applicant signs an adoption agreement, pays the adoption fee and brings the dog home.

And should inform the organization of the updates about the dog at least for one year

Checks applicants’ photo IDs, carefully observes their interaction with the dog, make a decision