All applicants must meet the following requirements. Please read carefully.

  1. Information provided to us including your legal name and address must match your ID that we may ask you to present at the time of adoption.
  2. Everyone including your partner, household members, roommates, etc, residing in the same address must agree on adoption.
  3. We do not accept applications from anyone who has a history of any illegal act related to animals such as animal abuse and who has a tendency of frequent surrender of pets.
  4. If you work full time or travel frequently resulting in the dog being taken care of by someone else for a significant amount of time, we would recommend bringing the person with you for the visit/interview.
  5. If you currently own a pet, the animal should not pose any danger to the dog being adopted.
  6. If you decide to not keep the dog after adoption, the dog must be returned to us. You may need to fill up the surrender form and the adoption fee will not be refunded.